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5 Best Juul pods Dubai hacks one should know

After you purchase the best Juul pods for vaping, you would be interested in getting to know about the best hacks that you can follow to get the maximum experience out of it. Here are few of the best Juul pods Dubai hacks that you can try. You can take the experience that you can receive with vape to the next level with the assistance of these tips.

Learn how to fix your Juul pod that gives weak hits

If the Juul pod is not providing you with strong hits, you can think about fixing it on your own. This happens when the liquid is not flowing into the atomizer of the pod in an effective manner. Such a problem can take place due to the presence of air bubbles. Hence, you should think about getting them removed. All you have to do is to tap the Juul pod gently to remove the air bubbles.

Learn how to fill the Juul pod

Juul pods Dubai are quite expensive. Hence, it is worthy to have a clear understanding on how to re-fill. This is where you can purchase a bottle of e-liquid. Then you can stick to the steps as mentioned in the bottle to proceed and get the refilling job done with ease. This will help you to keep the expenses low as much as possible.

Understand the third-party Juul pod ecosystem

There are numerous Juul pods Dubai available out there. If you wish to take the vape experience to the next level, you should take a look at them. This is where you will also be able to learn more about the Juul accessories that are available. For example, if you are not happy and satisfied with the battery life of your Juul pod, you can purchase a third party battery pack. Figure out how to disassemble and clean the Juul pod

You must also have a clear picture in your mind about the steps that you should be following in order to disassemble and clean the Juul. You will be able to do this using alcohol and a cotton swab. However, make sure that you watch an online video and how to get the job done without causing any damage to the JUUL.

Figure out how to enable the party mode of your Juul

Your Juul comes along with a dedicated party mode. It is worthy to understand how you can enable this party mode. Then you will be able to get the LED to change its color. This is not an illusion. You just need to follow the steps to get the light to change its color.

Take a look at these hacks related to Juul pods Dubai and you will be able to receive the best experience along with it.

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